It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that breathing polluted air is bad for your health. What may be surprising, however, is where that polluted air is most often found. It turns out that poor indoor air quality is a threat that lurks inside many Shively, KY homes and businesses. Taking a closer look at this issue reveals some shocking truths about the air we breathe.

It’s Significantly Worse Than Outdoor Air

Many people assume that the air inside a modern, well-sealed home is much cleaner than the air outdoors. After all, stepping outside brings you into contact with everything from vehicle exhaust to tree pollen. In reality, those contaminants are easily diluted by the sheer volume of air outdoors. The same can’t be said indoors. Relatively airtight homes allow pollutants to rapidly build, leading to poor and potentially hazardous air quality. That’s why one effective remedy is to increase airflow by installing ventilators and other HVAC products.

It’s a Top Environmental Health Hazard

It’s easy to dismiss, but poor indoor air quality is a serious threat. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency considers indoor air pollution one of the five biggest environmental hazards to public health. Prolonged exposure has been associated with significant health complications that include respiratory and cardiac illnesses, neurological disorders, and certain cancers.

There Are Some Unexpected Culprits

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of indoor air pollution is that it comes from sources you might never expect. One of the most hazardous culprits is furniture. Many pieces are treated with flame retardants that are potentially carcinogenic when inhaled. Furniture also releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) through a process called off-gassing. Most air fresheners also contain compounds that are hazardous to your health. Even inkjet printers may emit potentially harmful airborne pollutants.

The full scope of the indoor air pollution issue is only beginning to come into focus. As it becomes better understood, it only reinforces the importance of having a strategy for dealing with airborne contaminants. To ensure the air inside your home or business is healthy, explore Chapman Heating and Cooling’s indoor air quality services and HVAC products.

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