From boilers to air handlers, every piece of HVAC equipment is built with an estimated service life in mind. For most components, that lifespan is typically around 15 years. Of course, these lifespans are only rough averages. Systems in Jeffersontown, KY that are run hard and neglected are likely to fail prematurely. With proper maintenance, however, you may find that your system lasts even longer than expected. Here are the keys to making that happen.

Stick to a Schedule

Annual heating and cooling services should be a bare minimum to keep a well-maintained HVAC system. However, it’s preferable to schedule service visits twice per year. For best results, have your heater maintained in the fall and your air conditioner serviced in the spring. This prepares your system to handle the peak heating and cooling seasons without risking unnecessary wear.

Hire Skilled Professionals

No matter what kind of heating and cooling equipment you have, keeping it well-serviced is a complex job. Performing comprehensive maintenance requires a keen eye and involves completing a whole laundry list of checks, adjustments, and other tasks. Having this process done by an expert service technician ensures that no detail goes overlooked. When a thorough tune-up could be the difference between smooth operation and a complete breakdown, it’s worth trusting the professionals.

Do It Yourself

In addition to scheduled maintenance services, there are a few tasks you should tackle yourself. The most important is keeping your air filters clean. Your system may have more than one, so ask your service technician if you’re not sure where they are. Check them once per month and replace them as they become dirty. You should also routinely inspect your outdoor unit. Ensure healthy airflow by keeping it clean and clearing away any grass, shrubs, or debris in the vicinity.

Proper HVAC maintenance is the single best way to protect your heating and cooling system for years to come. It’s key to preventing serious malfunctions, diagnosing minor issues, and ensuring optimal efficiency. To find out more, check out Chapman Heating and Cooling’s preventive HVAC maintenance services.

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